The Rude Awakening Radio Extravaganza Ministry


Mon-Fri 6AM-10AM


The Rude Awakening Radio Extravaganza Ministry starts your day with YOUR  “Righteous Reverend Rude Girl,” your humble musical servant.  It’s a fast paced morning show chock full all of Today’s Top Hit music – plus a comical look at our  world and all the weird stuff that goes on in it! Rudey is a Key West Institution (or should be in one for sure!)

How did it happen?? How’d Rudey get HERE??

Scientists experimenting in deepest space – came upon a planet so weird, so geeky that they put their ship in turbo-reverse……But, alas, it was too late!!! Never, ever had anyone witnessed a woman  so bizarre, so totally socially inept as this Goddess of Geekdom!!! That rude girl  followed the scientists’ ship – beaming back to planet Earth – just to see – well, to see what the hell? Upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, her ‘beaming powers’ ceased to exist and here she was , stuck on a foreign planet – no friends, no life…. and ….

NO MARKETABLE SKILLS!!! What to do? What to do? Well – a RADIO MORNING SHOW, of course! And the rest, as they say (who are “they?”) is history…

Listen Monday thru Friday beginning at 6 am – or else your Rude Girl will be sleeping on your couch!!   (Not pretty!!!!)